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E5 Support Services, LLC was created to fit the needs of today's First Response Agencies. From emergency services consulting to training and staffing, our professional services can help your agency be successful by meeting your needs.

E5 Support Services, LLC is a professional staffing, training, consulting, and billing agency for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) stations and Volunteer Fire Departments. Our dedication to the highest levels of emergency care is what drives us each and every day. Since our founding in 2010, we continue to grow and currently serve 12 agencies throughout New York, from the Capital region to the Canadian border, and out to the Southern tier, as well.

As the number of volunteer EMS providers continues to decline nationwide, we work closely with agencies to ensure that calls are answered in a timely fashion by providing paid Advanced Life Support (ALS) and/or Basic Life Support (BLS) staff for contractually agreed upon shifts. We provide supervision of paid staff and hold our employees accountable to providing the highest level of care possible to the communities in which we work.

In addition to staffing, E5 Support Services, LLC offers a variety of Continuing Medical Education (CME) classes to first responders as well as CPR classes for healthcare professionals and the general public. Our instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced providers who teach real-life application of skills. With more than 100 years of combined training experience, the E5 training team includes five credentialed New York State Certified Instructor Coordinators.

E5 Support Services, LLC also provides consulting services for agencies and municipalities, covering a variety of topics including best-practices for Standard Operating Procedures/By-Laws, staffing, recertification options, and Narcotics Plan development.

Lastly, E5 Support Services, LLC provides billing services for agencies to ensure proper and timely payment of calls. Billing can be difficult for a part-time employee or volunteer management to navigate so we offer these services to help agencies maintain that key source of revenue by hiring our credentialed billing staff. We keep up to date on current changes in the billing industry and have vast experience working with Medicare and Medicaid forms and applications. Please contact us today by emailing us or calling (518) 741-0256 to discuss how E5 Support Services, LLC can assist your agency.

Employee spotlight

Lee Burns

We are THRILLED to officially introduce Lee Burns as part of our E5 Support Services, LLC team! Lee got hooked on EMS and joined the local volunteer ambulance service as a high school student.

Once at college, she became an EMT and joined the volunteer ambulance service in Saratoga Springs, NY. Lee served in many rolls as an EMT, paramedic, member of the Board of Directors, squad captain, operations manager as well as the agency’s advanced life support coordinator throughout 30+ years.

She has been involved in prehospital care and EMS education since the early 1980’s, a paramedic since 1985 and now an EMT again!

Lee recently retired from the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of EMS director position. During her long tenure with the Department of Health, she was the Deputy Director for the Operations Unit and the regional EMS representative for the 17 counties in northeastern NY.

Lee is a certified instructor coordinator in county, regional and state EMS education programs, a speaker at national, state and regional EMS conferences and is currently an EMT with a vibrant ambulance service in Saratoga County.

Lee is a skiing member of the National Ski Patrol and serves as the patrol director for a small ski area in northeastern NY. In the few minutes of off time, Lee pays mortgage for two Labrador retrievers, skis, snowshoes, bicycles, motorcycles and camps.

With an impressive resume and a woman of many hats, we are excited to see what the E5 future has to offer Lee!

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