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Don Wildermuth has been with the E5 team for 3 years and does a lot behind the scenes. “When I started, it was strictly payroll,” says Don. He was responsible for submitting hours worked by all employees over to the payroll company.

This year, Don also handles all of our bookkeeping. He’s always around to lend a helping hand when employees have questions on deductions, changes within payroll and more.

Don says he enjoys working for E5 because he is able to “serve employees who are doing such important work. [Working at E5] allows me to contribute to an agency whose employees are LITERALLY saving lives.”

Don feels that if he’s able to do anything to help make employment at E5 better each day, then he is happy to help…
And we are proud to have him!

We are THRILLED to officially introduce Lee Burnsas part of our E5 Support Services team! Lee got hooked on EMS and joined the local volunteer ambulance service as a high school student.

Once at college, she became an EMT and joined the volunteer ambulance service in Saratoga Springs, NY. Lee served in many rolls as an EMT, paramedic, member of the Board of Directors, squad captain, operations manager as well as the agency’s advanced life support coordinator throughout 30+ years.

She has been involved in prehospital care and EMS education since the early 1980’s, a paramedic since 1985 and now an EMT again!

Lee recently retired from the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of EMS director position. During her long tenure with the Department of Health, she was the Deputy Director for the Operations Unit and the regional EMS representative for the 17 counties in northeastern NY.

Lee is a certified instructor coordinator in county, regional and state EMS education programs, a speaker at national, state and regional EMS conferences and is currently an EMT with a vibrant ambulance service in Saratoga County.

Lee is a skiing member of the National Ski Patrol and serves as the patrol director for a small ski area in northeastern NY. In the few minutes of off time, Lee pays mortgage for two Labrador retrievers, skis, snowshoes, bicycles, motorcycles and camps.

With an impressive resume and a woman of many hats, we are excited to see what the E5 future has to offer Lee!


Introducing Nicole Schmidt!


“I chose to apply to E5 because E5 staffs the agencies that are close to my home town and the towns I spent most of my young ages spending time in. Also, many of my friends from other agencies enjoy being my partner and asked me to come to E5 to work with them here as well. To be honest I’m not 100% sure why I chose to go into the EMS career. It just seems to be something that I am capable of doing. A lot of people ask me how I can do this job and the truth is I just can. My mom is a very brittle type 1 Diabetic and I grew up taking care of her since about the age of 13. My mom was a frequent patient of EMS for a few years through her battle of Diabetes, Graves Disease and having a Stroke. I always used to think how awesome the “people from 911″ were. I originally went to college for business management. During that time I took a first aid class and it was so EASY to me. All of the information and skills just came to me. I decided that I wanted to continue in the field. I then shortly decided to enter the paramedic program at HVCC. I love this career. I’ve met so many amazing people who have become such good friends throughout my time working in EMS. The smile that I can put on my patients face when they aren’t feeling well or maybe evening having the worst day of their life makes this job worth it.”


We are so glad you decided this was the career for you, Nicole. Keep up the great work!


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